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Receipients of Veteran's Benefits, Social Security Benefits and other benefit programs. Learn more...

Problem Gamblers

Do you or a loved one struggle with problem gambling? We can help. Learn more...

Aging Family Members

Does someone you love need case management services? We can help! Learn more...

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About Us

AAA Payee Services is a fully bonded IRS approved non profit (501(c)3 corporation organized under the laws of the State of South Dakota for charitable purposes. Our organization provides Representative Payee Services to people with low income, addictions, mental and physical disabilities. Our clients are recipients of Social Security disability benefits, SSI, Veteran’s benefits, and Railroad benefits who cannot manage their money, and do not have a capable friend or family member to act as their representative payee, or cannot direct someone to manage their money. Our representative payee case workers are dedicated to helping our clients manage their financial resources so that they can live quality lives. If you are tired of struggling to maintain your basic needs for food, shelter and clothing even though you receive a monthly benefit check, give us a call today and let us show you how AAA Payee Services can help you restore stability and dignity to your life.

Our Services

Whether you or someone you love receives benefits from the Social Security Administration, the Veteran's Administration, a private retirement fund, or if you work for a living, we have the tools to help. If you have trouble managing your money and find that your funds run out before your month runs out, give us a call and learn how we can help.

Budgeting and Bill Pay Services

As your organizational represntative payee, we will work with you to establish a budget so that your basic needs for shelter, food, and personal care expenses are met. Then as your budget allows, we will work to save for future needs, pay old debts, and meet your other financial goals. You can have your bills sent directly to us and rest assurred that they will be paid on time.

Advocacy Services

Do you need help negotiating with creditors, need help reviewing and challenging the accuracy of medical bills? We will can advocate for you and work with creditors and providers to help you resolve these issues. We can also advocate for medical, mental health, and other services that you need to improve the quality of your life experience.

Enabling Services

Do you need help with paperwork? Do you find completing applications for the services that you need intimidating? We can help you complete needs forms and applications for services you need like housing, energy assistance, sales tax refunds and more.

Community Education

We offer a variety of community education opportunities throughout the year. You can learn life skills like budgeting or streaching your food dollar. Maybe you would like to learn to eat healthy on a budget. Contact our office to learn what is available.


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