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An Organizational Representative Payee Can Help You Get Peace of Mind

It is challenging to live on a fixed income.  The stress of managing your money can lead to numerous mental and physical health problems. Do you or someone you love overspend during the month and then suffer anxiety and worry when the rent is due or the only thing in […]

5 Things To Think About When Choosing An Organizational Payee Service

Choosing the right representative payee is an important decision. Family members and friends can service as representative payees, but this is not always the best choice. Money management challenges can lead to devastating relationship problems between family members.  Friendships are often stressed to their limits when disagreements about money occur.  […]

8 million Americans Need Help Managing Their Benefits

Are you tired of struggling with managing your money? You are not alone! A recent report by the Social Security Administration states that over 8 million Americans struggle to manage their benefits.