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Help for Problem Gamblers

Do you or someone you love struggle with a gambling problem or addiction?  Problem gambling can devastate your family and destroy your life. Often making the decision to limit your access to money is a key step down the road of recovery from gambling addiction.  Whether you work for a living or receive a monthly benefit check, we can develop a plan to help you limit your access to money and stick to a financial plan that meets your basic needs and reduces your risk of allowing a gambling problem to destroy your life.  We can help you develop a budget, negotiate with creditors, and plan for the future.  If you or someone you love is struggling with a gambling problem, give us a call today and let’s talk about how we can help.  (605) 390-5558.


Myths About Problem Gambling and Addiction

  • Myth – “I do not gamble everyday and so I must not have a gambling problem.
  • Truth –  Gambling is a problem if it leads to problems in your life.
  • Myth – “I make a good income and I always pay my bills. I am not a problem gambler because I can afford to gamble. “
  • Truth – Financial ruin is not the only problem that problem gambling creates. Often time spent gambling and thinking about gambling is time spent away from family and friends. Gambling can lead to relationship problems as well as financial problems.
  • Myth – “My wife contributes to my gambling problem.”
  • Truth – Gamblers may justify their gambling by blaming others or blaming situations, but only the gambler is responsible for his gambling  and the gambler must take responsibility for the solution to his gambling problem.
  • Myth – “I am a Professional and a responsible person. I cannot have a gambling problem. Only irresponsible people have gambling problems. “
  • Truth – Gambling can become a problem for anyone.  Gambling addiction does not discriminate. It can affect any person from any socioeconomic background or with any level of education.